Another Earth BO du film

Jetons un oeil à la liste des titres de la bande originale du film Another Earth, le drame de science-fiction écrit et réalisé par Mark Cahill:

Bande originale du film Another Earth
Musique originale de Fall On your Sword

1. The First Time I Saw Jupiter
2. Bob the Robot
3. The Specialist; Am I Alone?
4. Naked On the Ice
5. Rhoda’s Theme
6. The House Theme
7. The End of the World
8. Rhoda’s Application
9. Making Contact
10. I Am Over There
11. Purdeep’s Theme
12. The Cosmonaut, The
13. The Specialist; Look At Ourselves
14. Sonatina In D Minor (Phaedon Papadopoulos)
15. Rhoda’s Theme; Running To John
16. Forgive
17. Love Theme
18. The Other You
19. The First Time I Saw Jupiter; End Titles
Chanson Another Earth - Musique Another Earth - Bande originale Another Earth

The movie soundtrack of Another Earth will be released on July 19, 2011.

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